Leaked images for Dead Rising 4 have surfaced, showing off the game’s title screen and a figure who appears to be the protagonist from the first title, Frank West.

Reddit user Codeboy01 posted an image of a promotional poster for Dead Rising 4, claiming that they had made the image for Capcom. They also state that we may see the game at E3 this year.

ThisGenGaming has also posted two images that they claim come from the game, which includes the title screen as well as a look from the game’s protagonist. They also state that the game will “make fans of the series happy.”

NeoGAF user ekim has said on Twitter that Dead Rising 4 will be a remake of the first game from the series, and will be set during Christmas. The game will also feature a four-player cooperative mode. Ekim also claims that the game will “probably” expand the map to include the areas surrounding the Willamette Parkview Mall where most of the events from the first game took place.

Microsoft and Capcom have not commented on the leak. If the leak is true, we may see the game at E3 next week.

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