Quake, the first person shooter that practically invented the multiplayer deathmatch, is making a comeback with Quake Champions after a long hiatus.

As of now the only platform Quake is confirmed for is PC, but in an interview with Gamespot Id Software boss, Tim Willits, informed that: “We’re not totally shutting the door on consoles.” But he was adamant in enforcing the fact that Quake is “a PC game. No excuses. No limitations, we’re going to focus on one platform.”

While this isn’t a confirmation of a console Quake, what most likely means is that if we are going to see a console port of Quake Champions it will be a few months after the initial release similar to what we’re seeing with Xcom 2.

Quake Champions currently sits without a release date with the only info so far that Quake will be having a “really, really long closed beta.” More details are likely to be shared at QuakeCon this August.

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