Day 2 of Nintendo’s E3 has certainly shown off a lot more than what was distinctly lacking; games to look out for! It’s certainly delightful to see some familiar games as well as some new ones. Last year at E3, Nintendo had announced the new Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Paper Mario: Color Splash follows the mysterious incident surrounding the loss of color in the papery Mushroom Kingdom, specifically in Prism Island. It is quickly shown in the trailer that a Shy Guy is the culprit for sucking out the color, it doesn’t explain why, especially with the appearance of Bowser.

Mario meets up with a brand new companion, a bucket of paint. The name hasn’t been revealed officially yet, but it pairs together with the new ‘paint hammer’ gimmick. Color Splash will follow Sticker Star’s battle mechanic utilizing a similar ‘card/sticker’ system.

The card mechanic in battle is affected by how much you paint on the card, the more color on the card, the more damage it deals in battle. There is a limit to how much you can paint and so management is key. The last little mechanic is the ‘Cut out’ mechanic around the world that allows the player to use the touchpad to expose hidden characters and environmental objects.

Paper Mario: Color Splash will be available from the 10th of July, 2016 on the Wii U.

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