Nintendo and their E3 Treehouse may not be showing a vast amount of games, but the world is getting some excellent content for the titles that are being showcased. We have already seen much more on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but let’s not forget about Pokemon Sun & Moon.

During a session with the developers behind Pokemon Sun & Moon, a new mode was revealed that brings 4 trainers together to find out who is the best. This new mode, called Battle Royal, allows each player to pick 3 of their Pokemon to make a perfect team. You’ll be able to attack whichever of the other 3 trainers you wish. The battle ends when one trainer loses their entire team. The winner is then determined by which trainer knocked out the most Pokemon. There are many strategies to use here, whether you want to gang up on one trainer or use defensive moves and hold out until the end.

Check out the video below to see Battle Royal in acton for yourself and more.

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