Serious Sam 4 may make an appearance at this years E3 this year, according to a tease from the series developer, Croteam.

Publisher, Devolver Digital tweeted their E3 Line-up:

Not long after the tweet however, Croteam followed up with a cheeky and suggestive post on Facebook where they wrote, “Get excited! Things are getting serious….”

Croteam has always been considered a very playful company, and it’s safe to assume that this little post is their way of having fun with their fans. While it isn’t an official reveal of Serious Sam 4, Devolver Digital has promised a demo of Croteam’s new game and, as of now, Serious Sam 4 seems like the most likely candidate.

Serious Sam 4 has not come out of nowhere however. The first announcement came back in 2013 when gamers found out the Serious Sam Humble Bundle would help fund the game. Since then, it disappeared from the public view.

Do you think Serious Sam is coming at E3? Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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