During this year’s fighting game tournament, CEO2016, Capcom gave the crowd a pleasant surprise in the form of a trailer that revealed the next three fighters to be added to Street Fighter V’s roster. Capcom also informed fans of other additions to be included in the June update.

Given the spotlight in the teaser is Balrog, or Mike/ M. Bison as he is known in Japan. Well known by fans of the Street Fighter series, Balrog is a boxer with a fiery temper and a mean uppercut, which is evident in the teaser. The footage shows off his various moves as he wails upon a defenceless M. Bison (known in Japan as Vega). Near the end of the teaser, after Bison has completely knocked out his target, we get a glimpse of the two other characters that will be joining him. Juri and Urien, both of which are returning fighters.

A previously delayed character, Ibuki, will also release alongside the other three characters. Pushed back from a May release, Ibuki has been bound for a June release. But as June draws to a close, players have not seen her or the promised Cinematic Story Mode. When the update releases on Friday, July 1st players will get Ibuki and Balrog. Players will also be getting the promised Cinematic Story Mode, and not only will Juri and Urien be in it, but they’ll also be playable. Juri and Urien won’t be available for the multiplayer yet as they’re still in beta.

Also included in Street Fighter V’s update are two new stages for players to battle in. The classic Las Vegas stage from Street Fighter 2 and the Kanzaki Family Private Beach stage, which lets players battle on both sand and water. Characters will also be getting a special selection of summer costumes, with Karin’s costume the only one revealed so far.

Capcom has since released the full breakdown of the update on their blog.

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