It’s been heavily rumored and all but confirmed that Watch Dogs 2 was headed our way, but it may be a lot closer than many assumed.

A new logo for the game was posted today by YouTuber TheRadBrad who received a a promotional item from Ubisoft featuring a logo for Watch Dogs 2. This is the first time the logo has been shown or revealed before Ubisoft has even shown anything.

However, the company shortly revealed afterward to IGN that the logo is real and that more information for the title is coming soon.

“We are excited to reveal more about the next iteration of the Watch Dogs franchise very soon,” a representative stated. “Stay tuned!”

Ubisoft previously announced that a sequel to the original Watch Dogs would be released prior to the end of the company’s 2017 fiscal year, which culminates on March 31st, 2017. More information for the game will likely come at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference which runs from June 14th and June 16th.

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