When the stakes get higher, pride gets the better of people. Such was the case in South Korea earlier in the week for a young teenage Overwatch player who absolutely thrashed the competition at the Nexus Cup event as well as her performance in general. Her excellent and dominate plays as Zarya attracted the attention of two other professional Overwatch players, ELTA and Strobe from team Dizziness, who were certain she was cheating. The duo reported young 17-year-old Gerguri to Blizzard who looked into the matter.

The two members from Dizziness made a vow that they would quit playing if Gerguri was found innocent during her investigation. Surprise to the duo, Blizzard, who takes cheating claim seriously, investigated Gerguri and found that she had not been using any cheats or hacks and that it was all 100% her skill and talent. During this investigation, the duo’s claims reached the ears of the public and incited a crowd of people who cruelly swarmed her with death threats and the like.

That changed immediately after she was given the chance to showcase her skill live on the Korean site Inven. She appeared in public but wore a mask in order to hide her identity. After a slight introduction, she hopped onto the computer and let loose her skill for all to gaze and awe at. You can watch the video just below:

After a whole hour of slaughtering with help from her two teammates, the stream ended with Gerguri visibly looking down trodden. It was stated that afterwards, she broke down crying as the stress and accusations of cheating took its toll on her young mind. As you can imagine, the two from Dizziness followed through with their vows and quit, not without their pride tarnished.

With Blizzard banning thousands of players who utilize hacks and bots, it’s reassuring to see extremely talented players out there. This case also acts as a reminder to any angry players out there who can’t see past the potential for skill, to be calm and while it’s fine to report it, don’t act too rash. Gerguri has since attracted many new fans and has received plenty of emotional support from her teammates.

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