Bethesda has made its way to become one of the most successful 3rd party developers in the gaming industry. Being in control of such series as Fallout, Doom, Elder Scrolls, and more, it seems like everyone can find something they can enjoy from this major company. Looking to dive into one of Bethesda’s popular titles you keep hearing so much about? Now you can at an extremely low price.

A website known as Dealzon, along with Green Man Gaming are hosting a short sale for Bethesda games on PC. These major discounts will only be available until Wednesday (tomorrow), July 13th at 9:00 am PT. The most noteworthy is the new Doom being priced with at %52 off the original price. Use the code DEALZON20 for full discounts and check out the list below:

Top Bethesda PC Deals

Doom and Fallout Titles

Elder Scrolls

Wolfenstein & Quake

More Bethesda Deals

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