It looks as though there are more surprises coming to Destiny’s upcoming expansion. Shown off in the preview stream today, a new trailer shows off the Iron Gjallarwing sparrow.  It joins the Iron Gjallarhorn weapon as items available to players who preorder the new expansion.

Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion was announced for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and requires both the base game and the Taken King expansion. Bungie has recently announced that they will be ending support for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in August.

After August, players will no longer be able to transfer their game data to current generation consoles as easily as they could in the past. Bungie has stated that there will be a way for players to transfer their game data in the future, but for now, they plan to separate the two versions of the game.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will feature a brand new cinematic campaign along with new weapons, gear and a new raid. The game will also feature new modes and maps for the Crucible, A new Light level cap, as well as a new area called The Plaguelands, and a new social space called Felwinter Peak.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is set to release on September 2oth.

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