Doom, id Software’s latest take on the titular and literally game-changing series, has just went live with a new multiplayer update. The update focuses on fixing several weapons, including the fan-favorite Super Shotgun, after receiving player feedback.

The weapons receiving changes are the Super Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Chaingun, Plasma Rifle and Heavy Assault Rifle.

Combat Shotgun and Super Shotgun

Both shotguns have had their effective ranges reduced, requiring more up close and personal confrontations from players. The switch-away time for these weapons has also been extended in order to combat a player-found exploit. The exploit consisted of switching from a shotgun before initiating a reload animation, and then switching back to the shotgun from the chosen weapon. This exploit bypasses the lengthier reload process, and since it was unintended, seems to have been resolved.


The Chaingun no longer slows players down as its barrel spins, allowing them freer movement while dealing with opponents. This should make the Chaingun an easier pick, given Doom’s iconic fast-paced movement and hectic arena-style fire fights.

Plasma Rifle

The Plasma Rifle has been given a higher rate of fire so that players can accurately shoot opponents more consistently, but the update also reduces each individual hit’s damage. With the increase in damage-per-second, the Plasma Rifle will hopefully allow players to kill their foes quicker, granted their accuracy is on point.

Heavy Assault Rifle

Players are now able to draw their Heavy Assault Rifles faster than before the update. This should give them more freedom in reacting to threats from afar, such as rockets.

The small multiplayer update is live now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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