The sixth Elusive Target mission for Hitman, entitled The Twin, has gone live. Players should be careful this time, however.

The next target is Dylan Narvaez, aka “The Twin.” He can be found in Sapienza for the next 72 hours. The problem is, his identical twin brother, Gonzales, can also be found in Sapienza. He must not be harmed in any way, as doing so will fail the contract immediately. In order to complete the contract, players will have to find a way to eliminate Dylan without causing any harm to his brother. You can check out the latest briefing in the video below.

Players should remember that completing Elusive Target missions does yield rewards. When players complete five Elusive Target mission, they will earn the Hitman Absolution Signature Suit, complete with ICA tie pin and black leather gloves. Completing 10 Elusive Target missions will unlock the Blood Money Signature Suit, complete with gloves.

In order to hold players over until the next few episodes of Hitman are done, Square Enix announced that they will be releasing a bit of free content. The Summer Bonus Episode will be released on July 19th, and will add two new missions to the game. Both missions take place before the events of the main game, and show Agent 47’s first trips to Sapienza and Marrakesh.

Hitman is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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