Now that Pokemon GO has possibly (definitely) taken over your life, developer Niantic wants to make it even better for you.

The developer behind the hit mobile game is now taking requests for areas that the company should place additional Pokestops and gyms, perhaps for those who are stuck in areas with very few locations available.

If you want to request a new spot for either of these attractions, you can head on over to the game’s website and use this form to put in your request.

The current locations that are used in the application are based on ones used in Niantic’s previous mobile title, Ingress. If there is a Pokestop or Gym that you believe is in a dangerous spot or is on personal property, you can also use that same form to hopefully get that spot removed. Pokespots and gyms are technically supposed to be placed in certain points of interest in the public area, such as museums, statues or businesses.

Pokemon GO has become a tremendous success for Nintendo, becoming the most popular mobile game ever, and it’s not even done launching in every country or region. The game has become so popular that it’s helped Nintendo’s stock shares skyrocket, with no end currently in sight.

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