What an exciting time to be playing Star Wars Battlefront still, with the team showcasing the upcoming expansion: Death Star and the offline ‘Skirmish’ mode.

Skirmish mode will feature the ability for players to play against bots in solo or co-op missions. The offline mode will allow players to play Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron on a variety of maps. This offline mode will be a free update to the game and will be made available from July 20th.

Meanwhile, the team has shown off some more details on the Death Star DLC a couple of days ago with a livestream. The stream revealed that Chewbacca and bounty hunter Bossk will be available to play in the DLC. Furthermore, as its namesake implies, the Death Star will become a battlefield with giant space skirmishes around the iconic location. There will also be land combat around the corridors of the Death Star.

The release date for the Death Star DLC is still to be determined, but sources cite the release to be sometime this fall. Meanwhile, news on the next and final expansion ‘Rogue One’ is still slim. It will be based on the upcoming feature film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” later this year.

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