Pokemon GO is such an overnight sensation that in less than 24 hours, it became more popular than Tinder on Android.

SimilarWeb released stats on Android phone usage of Pokemon GO, and the numbers are staggering. Pokemon GO launched on the 6th, and by the 7th, it was on more Androids than Tinder. As of the 8th, it was on track to have more daily active users than Twitter.

More precisely, as of the 8th, 5.16% of Android users had downloaded Pokemon GO, and the game has a retention rate of daily active users of about 60%, meaning 3% of all U.S. Android users are logging on to play every day. For reference, Twitter hovers around 3.5%.

Its average usage is above 43 min/day, which beats out WhatsApp (an online texting service), Snapchat (a media messaging service), Instagram (a media-based social network), and Messenger (the default messaging app). The next highest usage is about 30 min/day, by WhatsApp.

Pokemon GO has also topped the charts on Android and Apple App stores: It is the #1 Google Play app, and both the #1 downloaded and highest grossing app on the Apple App Store.

Understandably, Nintendo’s stock has gone up, but even these numbers are staggering: As of the time of writing on July 11th, Nintendo’s stock has increased 36% and $7.5 billion since Pokemon GO’s release on the 6th. That’s over a 1/3 increase in stock value over 5 days.

Although Pokemon GO’s popularity has not yet proven to be sustainable, SimilarWeb points out that its retention rate is very high, and that most users delete an app within 3-7 days. For Nintendo, whose latest console sold just about 10% of its previous console’s numbers (12 million Wii U, compared to 101 million Wii), this could be the beginning of the grand turnaround for the company that fans have been hoping for.

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