The PlayStation VP and Head of Publisher and Developer Relations at Sony, Adam Boyes, is leaving the company. After over four years with Sony, he has announced he will be moving on, hoping to return to game development.

“After an incredible journey here at PlayStation, I’ve made the very hard decision to return to the world of game development,” he announces in a string of posts on Twitter. “The past 4+ years have been an absolutely amazing experience! I’d like to start out by thanking the incredible PlayStation Nation fans… The best news is that we have an incredible team here so the development & publishing community & gamers are in GREAT hands!”

Speaking about the decision on the PlayStation Blogcast, he explains, “It’s been an amazing run. I’ve been here for over four years and had an incredible, incredible experience here. And I want to go make games again. That’s basically the next chapter of Adam’s story, is making games.”

Even though he considers working at PlayStation a dream job, he just happens to have other dreams as well. “Sometimes you’ve just got to follow your dreams. And making games, and seeing all the success and seeing all the people out there doing great things and putting caution to the wind, is pretty exciting… It’s my big dumb decision,” he jokes.

With a long career in games, Boyes started as a QA Lead in the late 90s with EA and has since worked for Capcom, Midway Games, and plenty of others. We here at Gamespresso wish him the best of luck with whatever he pursues next.

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