Street Fighter V’s next playable character, Juri, now has an official release date, as well as a reveal trailer.

Juri will arrive in Street Fighter V on July 26th. This means that Capcom is ahead of schedule, as the game’s second three DLC characters were supposed to release in July, August, and September. After Juri’s release, the only DLC character that players will be waiting for is Urien.

We also received details on the tools that Juri will bring to Street Fighter V. Her V-Skill is Kasatsushu, which causes her to rush her opponent and then kick them from behind. The move can also be charged up, and then the charge can be canceled by doing a forward or back dash while maintaining the charge level that was reached. Juri’s V-Trigger is Feng Shui Engine Type Alpha, which allows her to cancel all ground and air standard attacks into one another, as well as keep her Fuharenkyaku moves in their charge state while in V-Trigger. Her Critical Art is Sakkai Fuhazan, which is a “large slicing blast.” You can see Juri in action in the trailer below.

Street Fighter V is available on PC and PlayStation 4. Juri, along with her Story and Premium Battle Costume, will be available on July 26th.

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