NetherRealm Studios has revealed the next two fighters that will make an appearance in the upcoming Injustice 2 at San Diego Comic-Con: Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle.

In a new trailer (seen below), we get to see the newly announced Wonder Woman in action, sporting her signature sword, shield, and lasso. Going against her we see a character new to the Injustice series, Blue Beetle, who wields alien technology and will be a “jack of all trades character that can be effective up close and from afar.”

Though it is brief, we do get to see some of the customization options that both characters will have through the game’s new gear system.

NetherRealms Studios creative director Ed Boon has already stated that the DLC plan for Injustice 2 will far exceed the first title in the series. The developer is reportedly adding even more characters to Injustice 2 than any previous title that they have released. Boon stated that with every game the studio creates, they try to support it for a longer period of time. Acccording to him, the studio will be more aggressive than they have been in the past. However, Boon does reassure fans that the DLC is a plan in progress, and that the studio is focusing on development of the game.

Injustice 2 is set to release in 2017. The game will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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