Astute fans may have realized that the classic Battlefield theme is missing from any of footage for Battlefield 1, including official trailers. Fret not, YouTuber Poetic Whisper has discovered what has become of the beloved theme. It matured and became a beautiful orchestra piece– far flung from the dubstep rendition it received in Battlefield 4.

The transition to a more classic, orchestral piece seems to emphasis the emergent war of a world from an olden era– a theme that Battlefield 1 is trying to portray by setting the game in World War 1. Having the ‘war drum’ effect and the strings of violins calling out to a heroic figure on a war-torn battlefield evokes a powerful image. It’s an incredible well done rendition of the theme, the composer deserves some serious recognition.

Good news and bad news. The good news is, if this piece has sparked an interest in the game, readers will be pleased to know that the open beta will start on the 31st of August and will feature two game modes on the Sinai Desert map. The bad news is that the sign ups on the Battlefield Insider page has already closed on August 21st. Battlefield 1 will be officially released worldwide from October 21st for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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