This is a big week for the team behind Ark: Survival Evolved. Along with revealing the next major content update, Studio Wildcard is also making impressive improvements to the Xbox One version of the game.

Lead Designer, Programmer, and Co-Creative Director Jeremy Stieglitz broke the news on twitter, explaining both the UI and the general graphics of the game will be seeing an uptick.

At 1080p, expect the UI to look much cleaner and sharper. The update is scheduled to hit Thursday, September 1. This coincides with the livestream reveal of the game’s next content update, Mega Mysterious Mysteries.

Posting on the game’s forums, Stieglitz provides some brief patch notes, but also teases there is much more in the update that team isn’t talking about until the reveal. The notes read:

  • Primitive+ Total Conversion!
  • TheCenter update!
  • Approximately ~10% framerate improvement
  • Cross-ARK Official Transfer Gates
  • All PC Content up thru v245 (Pelagornis, Allosaurus, Fishing, etc)
  • Something else very big…

With Studio Wildcard’s continued teasing for fans to expect a “gigantic” reveal, it’s not unreasonable to expect a particularly large dinosaur is in the near future for Ark: Survival Evolved. The reveal airs live on the game’s Twitch on September 1, at 10 AM PT.

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