Are you a loyal Call of Duty: Black Ops III fanatic? If so, you must have been playing the first person shooter for many months now, trying to keep you kill to death in a positive ratio, or just trying to help out your team as much as possible. Maybe you are late to the party and need to play a little catch up. Treyarch has your back and is giving everyone a little help this weekend.

With a post on Twitter, Treyarch Studios announced that this weekend would be another double XP weekend for everyone hopping on to Call of Duty: Black Ops III. What is even better about this news is the large idea the developer has for the idea of a weekend. The double XP experience began today at 10:00 am PT and will last until Monday, also 10:00 am PT. That’s a full four days to rank up as much as humanly possible.

This double XP weekend comes at a good time for fans of Black Ops III. Just last week an update was released giving plays Epic Taunts and many new weapons. These include the Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle and of course, Nunchucks. So get on Black Ops III this weekend, test out your new toys, and earn double the XP while doing it.

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