Images of the sequel to Destiny, intended to be released in 2017, were thought to have surfaced online earlier this week. As it turns out, the photos were of several rejected pitches for the game.

The art was initially posted online by the creator, Aziz Dosmetov, but has since been taken down. Dosmetov has previously worked on the concept art for Destiny’s Taken King expansion.

Jason Schreier, an editor at Kotaku, said he spoke with the artist who told him that the images were not of Destiny 2, but scrapped concept art.

The images show figures similar to Destiny’s style and a burning number 2, thus resulting in fan speculation. The concept art obtained via Reddit can be seen below:

Destiny2_5F00_8.jpg_2D00_610x0 Destiny2_5F00_2 Destiny2_4.jpg-610x0 Destiny2_5F00_3 Destiny2_5.jpg-610x0 Destiny2_1

Aside from confirming development of the game’s intended 2017 launch, not much is known about the next installment in the franchise. Instead, it appears that Bungie and Activision want most of the attention directed toward the release of the first game’s next expansion, Rise of Iron, due out in September. Earlier this month, Activision reported that most of the Bungie team is now working on the sequel.

Destiny first released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in 2014. Rise of Iron will release September 20, only on PS4 and Xbox One.

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