It was one of the greatest achievements in the video game industry when it became simple and easy to play a game with people all around the world. While it is still great to be able to play with strangers online for new challenges, sometimes you just want to play with your friends. It may have taken Destiny a while to understand this, but this will finally be an option with the launch of Rise of Iron.

“When Lord Saladin issues his call to infiltrate the Plaguelands, Lord Shaxx will throw you the keys to the Crucible,” as Bungie worded it in their website. Private matches in Destiny will give a variety of customizable control to the host of each battle. Included are the mode, map (as well as time of day for this map), how the game will end (whether it is a time or score limit, players on each team, whether or not to include level advantages, and whether or not to have vehicles. If you have a solid group of friends who like to play a lot, you can also set up a Clan to easily connect to one another.

Destiny players will still be able to collect gear in these private matches. This will count toward Daily Bounties and Test Weapons, but not for Quests, Record Books, or Weekly Bounties. Players will also receive 30 Crucible Reputation per match. There are a few requirements that must be fulfilled to have access to private matches. You can check them out here.

The latest expansion to Destiny, Rise of Iron, will be released on September 20th.

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