Destiny is one of the most beautiful games to be released so far, one such reason is the design of the Guardians themselves. Players have gotten to grips with the game’s design and have created their own unique Guardians utilizing the many armour combinations and the colour shaders.

Players who love a stylish yet functional Guardian will be excited to hear that shaders will soon change the colour of your class item, such as the hunter cloak. This news came from Christopher Barrett, game director for Destiny, tweeted “Wouldn’t it be cool if class items were affected by shaders again in Rise of Iron? We thought so too.”

Currently, when players equip a shader it will only affect the player’s armour but their class items will stay their default colour which often resulted in some odd looking Guardians but with the release of the Rise of Iron will change that.

Also to be included in Rise of Iron is some new loot for the Trails of Osiris such as armour that is associated with Egyptian hieroglyphs, gods and other historical associations such as jackals, scarabs, and of course, cats.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will release on on September 20th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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