If you’ve used Tinder, you might have enjoyed the thrill of the ‘swiping’ culture. If you are one of these people, you might get a kick out of Reigns. Developed by Nerial and published by Digital Devolver, Reigns is a monarchy management simulator where your rule is determined by the choices you make via ‘swipes’.

The team have released a 5 minute video showcasing the rise and fall of the monarchy:

Reigns has multiple different endings that is determined by the choices made over the various choices made. The game features over 750 different event cards that you’ll unlock as you play the game multiple times. These choices vary greatly from typical medieval problems such as food shortage dilemmas, kingdom threats and political turmoil and the more extremes such as demonic encounters and magical necromancy.

As you start each reign, there are several objectives given to the players. Completing these objectives is the way to obtain new card sets and expand the replayability of the game. On top of this, whilst playing the game, every decision has an effect on one of the four different factions in the kingdom. This includes the religious, the common man, the devil-worshippers and the rich.

Reigns is game played in quick bursts with a great deal of replayability. It will be available for iOS, Android and PC on August 11th for $2.99 USD.

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