The last official numbered Final Fantasy game that wasn’t an MMORPG came out over six years ago. That is a long time to wait for fans who want to be taken away on another grand adventure by Square Enix. With Final Fantasy XV arriving soon, good times are on their way again. It would seem that for those willing to pay, there will be an extension to this anticipated title as well.

It seems that evidence has has come to light, revealing that Final Fantasy XV will indeed have a Season Pass. Listings of the new RPG have come up with a Digital Premium Edition, which includes both the base game and the Season Pass. This version is being priced at $84.99. There is also a listing of a Season Pass Upgrade, but it doesn’t look like it will be available until the title is actually released.

The Season Pass for Final Fantasy XV will have six total DLC packs. A translation from Gematsu has claimed them to be the following:

  • Booster Pack
  • Episode Gladiolus
  • Holiday Pack
  • Episode Ignis
  • Episode Prompto
  • Expansion Pack

While we do not know much about the upcoming quest yet, it seems the Season Pass will have three simple expansions and three story expansions. Final Fantasy XV will be released on September 30th for Xbox One and PS4.

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