When a game has been out for over a year or more and still has a loyal community of players, you know that is a special thing. Often the developers of these titles like to reward these loyal fans in some way. Sometimes it is free DLC, other times it is a bonus weekend. Forget about weekend, Rockstar Games is giving GTA Online fans this whole week to enjoy some extra goodies.

What bonuses would you like to see in GTA Online this week. Whatever you can think of, it is happening. From now until August 18th, there will be double RP and double GTA money for Entourage, Extraction, and Hunting Pack. You can also earn double RP in VIP Work and VIP Challenges. This includes Haulage, Salvage, and Cargo Delivery.

Gaining more money in GTA Online is even more useful when there are a number of discounts for you to spend it on. This week Executive Offices are %25 off. There are also a number of discounts on office customizations, select clothing, assistant services, and more.

This week’s Premium Stunt Race for GTA Online is Vespucci. First place earns $100,000, GTA money, second place $30,000, and third place will win back their entry fee at $20,000. Looks like GTA Online players have an exciting week ahead of them. Better get to it.

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