343 Industries has released a few pieces of concept art to tease Halo 5’s upcoming autumn update.

The first piece of concept art gives players a glimpse at a brand new Arena battleground:

Halo 5

Also released was a sneak peek at some of the new REQs that will be coming in the update. The new REQs will come in the form of new weapons, skins, attachments, and more. The first weapon shown is the Ultra Rare Gunfighter Magnum. The description of the weapon states that the Gunfighter Magnum is a “lightweight competition pistol carried by Spartan operators who prefer a no-frills backup firearm. Quick draw Magnum with fast-reload magazines. Iron sights only, no Smart-link module is attached.” You can see a render of the weapon below:

Halo 5

343 Industries also released a peek at some of the new weapon skins, the Landgrave BR and Landgrave Magnum, coming in the update:

Halo 5


These are not the only skins coming in Halo 5’s next update, as Investment team member Jon Hathaway mentioned on the Halo Waypoint that his favorite REQ has not been revealed yet: “The [REDACTED] is by far my favorite weapon in this next update. The Ultra Rare variant is crazy good at taking down Wasps, Banshees, and Phaetons. It feels so badass hauling around a [REDACTED] on the battlefield.”

Halo 5 is available on the Xbox One. The autumn update does not have a release date yet, but should be dropping in the near future.

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