When you do something great in a video, you really feel fantastic. Whether it is defeating a tough boss, getting a ridiculous high score in an arcade game, or having the play of the game in an online match, you want evidence of this milestone in your gaming career. What better way to have this than to share it on social media. Nintendo may be thinking along these lines for their newest device.

As everyone knows, Nintendo has a new console coming out next year they are calling the NX. While there are many rumors as to what this piece of hardware will be, hardly anything is actually known for sure. Adding to the rumor mill is a report from Let’s Play Video Games. According to “anonymous sources” there are two new features said to be part of Nintendo’s NX. One is a split D-pad, meaning that the up, down, left, and right arrows are there with a gap in between them, instead of a full plus looking button.

While this is a minor thing, the second part of this report states that the NX controller could feature a share button, connecting the device to a player’s social media accounts. This makes sense, considering Nintendo released their own social media app in the past year with Miiverse. As with most recent news on the Nintendo NX, none of this is confirmed, so please take it all with a grain of salt.

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