Nearly 90 percent of No Man’s Sky players have stopped playing the game just over two weeks since its PC launch.

A new post on NeoGAF by user Vinsanity. shows that at launch, more than 200,000 people were actively playing the space exploration title. Now, just two weeks since its launch has found the number drop to just 20,000. It should be noted these numbers are only applicable to the PC version of the game, and as a result, No Man’s Sky has since dropped out of the top 10 most played Steam games.

No Man's Sky

Most games obviously experience a drop in players a few weeks out after launch, but the newest title from Hello Games has received a large amount of backlash from some fans who claim the game is repetitive. Creator Sean Murray has previously stated that the team is committed to producing additional content updates for the game for the foreseeable future.

In our review of No Man’s Sky, we said “It’s clear to see why a mainstream audience will likely draw issue with the open-ended nature of No Man’s Sky. And it certainly isn’t a perfect game. But Hello Games has accomplished a feat that few modern developers manage and have created something that truly stands out and offers experiences not often seen in other titles. It’s a different kind of game, and is definitely special for it.”

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