If you are a gamer, you probably have some of the same issues as everyone else. So many games you want to play. So little time. Very small budget. Every now and then you go on a discount hunt. If you’re reading this, your search is coming to a milestone. Sierra is having a ton of their games featured in a discount on Humble Bundle this month. The list of titles will make your head spin.

If you don’t know how Humble Bundle works, you can spend $1 dollar to get a group of games, more than the average people are paying for this bundle for even more games. or just a few dollars more for extra bonuses. There are a whole lot of Sierra titles, so let’s lay out the details of how they are being split here:

Spend $1 to receive:

  • Space Quest Collection
  • Phantasmagoria 1-2
  • Police Quest Collection
  • Shiftlings

Spend more than the average (at the time of this article it is $12.61) to receive:

  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
  • Timeshift
  • Quest for Glory 1-5
  • Gabriel Knight 1-3

Spend $15 or more to receive:

  • Caesar 3-4
  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
  • King’s Quest Collection (7 total games)
  • Velocity 2X

Spend $20 or more to receive:

  • King’s Quest: The Complete Collection (this refers to the most recent game with the same name as the series. 5 chapters and the epilogue included)

There you have it. A nice long list of Sierra games that you can get for only $20 or less. Head over to Humble Bundle to check it out for yourself. Only 13 days left for this insane deal.

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