United Front Games, the developer of Sleeping Dogs, have announced their next project called Smash+Grab, a competitive team-based action game.

In Smash+Grab, gangs of five compete against each other in a race to obtain $50,000 the quickest. Teams are comprised of a leader, lieutenant, and three soldiers. The game takes place in a corporate urban dystopia where gangs of the future “battle it out for loot, power, and infamy.”

“Each team will need to grapple, shoot, and smash their way to victory by collecting $50k in goods from locked-down, high-end shopping districts – or from the opposing team!,” United Front Games explained. “In rapid-fire, 15-minute matches, players raid increasingly larger stores, mod lethal new weapons like chain-saw-shovels and poison-crossbows, and afterward, level up with new perks and clothing,” the dev continued.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

Players can choose from melee or ranged weapons for the game’s third-person combat skirmishes. Upon leveling up, players can unlock more perks and vanity items. Additional looting can provide upgrades to your gangs including weapons mods from ingredients that can be picked up.

Smash+Grab hits early access on Steam in September. It will include two multiplayer modes and maps, and includes the option of playing offline.

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