Ubisoft is one of the biggest 3rd party developers in the entire video game industry. With numerous studios around the globe, they are constantly working on the next big thing. Unfortunately, sometimes moving onward towards the future means having to let go of some things from the past. Ubisoft understands this and are going full force with putting the brakes on some of their current PC titles.

The free-to-play structure of games has grown in popularity over the years. While Ubisoft is one of many companies to jump on board with this success, they have now decided to shut down a number of their titles with this structure on PC. These include The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, which was actually in beta testing for over 2 years, Tom Clancy’s Endwar Online, Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, and Ghost Recon Phantoms. 

The Mighty Quest will be officially shut down on October 25th, where as Endwar Online and Duel of Champions will be ending on October 31st. For these Ubisoft titles, players have until these dates to use all of their in game currency, or else it will all be lost. This also goes for Ghost Recon Phantoms, which will be shut down on December 1st.

If you are a player of one of these games, you may feel sad now, but look on to the future and know that Ubisoft may come out with something even greater soon.

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