EA and DICE have revealed all the maps and modes included in Battlefield 1 at launch. The news comes directly from Battlefield’s official Twitter account.

The base game includes nine maps and six game modes. Another free map is coming in December called Giant’s Shadow.

Listed below are all the maps included in the base game:


  • Ballroom Blitz: A French chateau
  • Argonne Forest: A close-quarters forest
  • Fao Fortress: An Ottoman fortress atop a marsh
  • Suez: A canal on the outskirts of Kantara
  • The St. Quentin Scar: A field of trenches and the village of Travecy
  • Sinai Desert: The dunes and cliffs of East El-Jifar
  • Amiens: The French city of Amiens filled with bridges and railways
  • Monte Grappa: A string of forts across the mountaintops of the Alps
  • Empire’s Edge: The rugged Adriatic coast


  • Conquest: Up to 64 players fight for control over key objectives
  • Domination: A smaller, more focused version of Conquest
  • Operations: A large and epic PvP experience across multiple maps
  • Rush: Attackers push through defenses trying to shut down telegraph positions
  • War Pigeons: Locate the pigeon before the enemy and use it to call artillery strikes on your opponent
  • Team Deathmatch: Defeat as many enemies as possible, with the assistance of Elite Class weapons

Check out the full details of the maps on game’s official website.

Battlefield 1 releases on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 21.

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