Though we have been hearing about it for quite a while now, we are still waiting on an official reveal for Nintendo’s next console, currently codenamed the NX. According to industry analysts, the wait might almost be over.

Cited by the Wall Street Journal (via Nintendo Life) the analyst claims place the NX reveal sometime in early October. The console itself still won’t launch until spring 2017, but we should be getting our first look at the hardware in only a few short weeks.

In the same piece however, one analyst, Dr. Serken Toto, the CEO of industry consulting company Kantan Games, makes a notable statement regarding Mario’s possible success with the newly announced Super Mario Run for iOS and Android. Announced on stage at Apple’s iPhone 7 reveal, Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s next major foray into mobile following the outstanding success of Pokemon GO. While Pokemon GO reached 500 million downloads this past week, Toto predicts over one billion for Super Mario Run.

Posting later on Twitter, Toto explained he was referring specifically to the free download of the game, not the larger paid download. But again, he reiterated, “1bn easy.” He later followed that with another Tweet claiming, “I think it can be more like 1.5 billion.”

As we learn more about Nintendo’s future, involving the NX and the company’s mobile games, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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