The newest episodic game from Telltale, Batman: The Telltale Series is set to continue with its second episode later this month. Premiering September 20, Episode 2 will be called Children of Arkham, coming first to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Episode 1 set up an interesting conflict involving Bruce Wayne more than Batman. Look for Children of Arkham to continue to do the same. Telltale will be announcing the release date for additional platforms “later in September.”

For those in Seattle for PAX West this weekend, Telltale is hosting a special Crowd Play event for the second episode. Starting tomorrow, Saturday September 3, at 8:30 PM, the developer will play through the entire episode. This is in addition to the Telltale panel, today at 2:30 PM, hosted by IGN’s Marty Sliva.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2

The retail version of the full Batman: The Telltale Series season will release September 13 in North America and September 16 in Europe. The disc includes the first episode, along with a code for the digital download of the remaining four episodes as they come out.

The series hit the ground running. “Delivering a good Batman story, let alone one that feels fresh, is no small task. But [Episode 1] Realm of Shadows efficiently sheds expectations and sets up a promising framework for the remainder of the series,” we wrote in our review. “While the cape and cowl portions may struggle at some points, the true star of the game is Bruce Wayne. And on that front, fans couldn’t ask for a much better pilot episode.”

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