As a part of the gaming industry conglomerate that is EA, BioWare has brought us some epic titles in both fantasy and sci-fi. Of course, I am talking about the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. BioWare has been working diligently on a new game from their studios. This one, however, is not part of either previously mentioned universe. Looks like we could be getting something brand new from them.

While there are no real details to explore, EA Executive Vice President Peter Söderland was recently interviewed by In the interview he stated that Bioware was working on a brand new IP that would be discussed in the “not too distant future.” He also stated that that other studios under the EA branch were hard at work on new IPs as well.

EA has been one of the leading 3rd party developers for 30 years. While they have continued to bring us great sports titles and many other genres, it will be exciting to see some brand new IPs from them, whether they are from BioWare or any other studio. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and others were once brand new titles and look how far they have come. We look forward to seeing what is next.

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