Love it or hate it, no gaming franchise has dominated the games industry quite like Call of Duty. There has been a Call of Duty game every year since Call of Duty 2 in 2005. And according to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, that is a trend that isn’t going to stop any time soon, regardless of what platform the audience is on.

Speaking with Marketplace, Kotick answered questions about the video game industry as a whole, especially when it comes to the continuing rise of mobile gaming. “The phone has really opened up all these new opportunities… The biggest part of the growth of the industry is mobile.” But Kotick isn’t worried about that threatening Activision’s biggest franchises.

“We’ve always been a very platform agnostic company. So our attitude is, if you have a display, a microprocessor, and a way to control it, we’ll create content that is great for you,” he says. “There are more places today to create great content than there ever has been before.”

And more than that, things like Warcraft and Call of Duty, the publisher’s two longest running titles, are “enduring franchises.” Kotick explains, “The idea of having a game that centers around armed conflict through history…you never run out of ideas for Call of Duty games. There will always be Call of Duty games. And they’ll be played on a variety of devices.”

The next entry, Infinite Warfare, releases November 4, while the most recent expansion for World of Warcraft, Legion, released late last month.

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