Firaxis Games have released a video showing off the mechanics and abilities of the Kongolese in Civilization VI.

The Kongolese civilization is led by Mvemba a Nzinga (also known as Afonso 1 of Kongo after he converted to Christianity). Nzinga is known for establishing the Roman Catholic Church in Kongo, as well as providing education to Kongo’s upper class and expanding the wealth of Kongo by trading to Portugal.

The Kongolese ability is called Nkisi, and gives Kongo more food, production, and gold from each relic, artifact, and Great Works of Sculpture, and adds to their culture and tourism output. This ability will also allow Kongo to generate Great Merchants and Great Artists quicker than other civilizations. Kongo’s unique leader ability is religious Convert. This ability will not allow players to construct holy sites as Kongo, preventing them from starting a religion. However, players will be able to use the founder belief of the majority religion in their empire. Those playing as Kongo get a free Apostle every time they build a Theater District or the M’banza tile improvement. The Apostle will follow the majority religion of the city that the unit spawns in.

Kongo’s elite unit is the Ngao Mbeba, which will replace the swordsman. These units are able to see through forests and jungles, and will not have a movement penalty when moving through either. The unit will have extra defense against ranged attacks, and will not need iron to train them. Kongo’s unique tile improvement is the M’banza, which replaces the neighborhood and can be built early in the game. The M’banza will give extra gold and food in addition to providing citizens with housing.

Last month Firaxis Games revealed Civilization VI’s “25th Anniversary Edition.” This special version of Civilization VI will include a copy of the game including all of the digital content found in the Digital Deluxe Edition, 25th Anniversary Edition premium packaging, an exclusive commemorative coin set with display case, a 100-page hardcover art book, and the Aztec per-order bonus. The 25th Anniversary Edition will be limited to 20,000 copies, and will cost gamers $89.99.

Civilization VI will release for PC on October 21st.

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