For gamers who are looking to customize the look of their controllers, Microsoft has got you covered. The company has announced that they will be adding a new set of Xbox One controllers to their already diverse catalog of accessories.

These new controllers, which feature Bluetooth support and textured grips will be available in both Blue and Magenta. The Magenta version of the controller know as ‘the Dawn Shadow Special Edition’ sports a faded metallic finish to make to colors of the controller pop out. Microsoft will also be releasing a Black version of the Xbox One S controller as well, so if the default controller that comes with the Xbox One doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are a large number of options to pick from.

Along with these new controllers, Microsoft has also announced that they will be releasing a new Stereo headset to match their current controllers.

These two controllers will only be available through the Microsoft Store and BestBuy. There is currently no word if they will be available through other retailers. The Blue Xbox One controller is set to release on September 27 and will retail for $64.99, while the Dawn Shadow Special Edition controller will release on October 4 for $69.99.

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