Prepare to hatch a whole lot of eggs, because Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have announced that Pokemon Go Plus will be available “in most countries,” next week on September 16.

Pokemon Go Plus is a wearable accessory that works with the Pokemon Go app on mobile devices. The Plus connects with your phone using a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to use the app without having to constantly look at the screen. It can be worn as a pin or strap, and alerts the user as they pass Pokemon or PokeStops.

As showcased at this year’s E3, the device uses vibrations and colors codes to allow players to capture creatures or collect items with a simple press of a button. For example, a green light and vibration means a Pokemon is near. Press the button to throw a Pokeball. A flashing rainbow color indicates a successful catch attempt, while red means failure. The Pokemon you’ve caught can be viewed later in the app’s journal.

The accessory was originally intended to launch in July, but was later delayed until September. Pokemon Go Plus will cost $34.99. In other Pokemon-related news, Pokemon Sun and Moon recently announced a photo-snapping feature in the upcoming 3DS entry.

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