For their 30th Anniversary, Ubi30, Ubisoft has been releasing a game each month for free over their UPlay system. Available now and remaining through the month of October, players have access to a download for the publisher’s cult action-adventure, Beyond Good & Evil.

The sci-fi classic wasn’t well received on release, with retailers quickly dropping the price just to move product, most likely due to the timing of its release and an oversaturated gaming market at the time. Despite the setbacks, Beyond Good & Evil has quickly become one of Ubisoft’s most popular games, with great scores and reviews praising the unique mechanics and story, making it perfect for a free release for the anniversary celebration.

All potential players must do to claim the game is go to the Ubisoft Club website, sign in with their free UPlay account, and hit “Get the Game Now.” Beyond Good & Evil was originally released in 2003, so changing compatibility settings is advised for PC players on newer machines. The game is available for the month of October, and can be kept forever.

This particular event is well timed, possibly to gain interest for the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil sequel that was teased last month in the form of new concept art from the creator, Michel Ansel. Fans of the series have waited over 8 years since the original announcement.

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