Fallout 4 is coming close to its one year anniversary since being released. While it may be a long while in the gaming world, fans of this title are still traveling around the post apocalyptic, discovering new areas and, weapons, enemies, and more. The addition of more DLC obviously is a factor to players coming back for more. When things go wrong, however, it is up to the team at Bethesda to fix the problem as soon as possible.

There have been numerous reports of mods from Bethesda.net being added to the game and not working correctly. For Fallout 4, which has a huge appeal to those who love to mod and try out other players’ mods, this is obviously not acceptable. Luckily, the developers were quick to jump on this issue and have now released an update to make everything better.

Update 1.7.22 for Fallout 4 should now allow all Bethesda.net mods to work perfectly. As of now, the update has only been released on PC. It should be brought over to the Xbox One sometime next week.

Fallout 4 recently received new content with Nuka-World. If you have what it takes, take a stroll through the amusement park and try not to get taken down by gangs of raiders.

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