Despite all of the third parties pledging support to the Nintendo Switch, BioWare currently has no plans to bring their upcoming game, Mass Effect: Andromeda, to the new console.

Since Nintendo revealed the Switch last week, fans have been wondering what games they will be able to play on it. And more importantly, they have been wondering what non-Nintendo games they will be able to play on it. Unfortunately, one of those games will not be the upcoming Mass Effect sequel. Series producer Michael Gamble confirmed on Twitter that the only consoles the game is currently in development for are PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One.

After this statement, he was asked if there are any plans on a future release of the game on the Switch, if not at launch. Gamble replied, “I can’t speak for the future. Just the current plans.”

It’s unclear as to whether BioWare is not supporting the Switch as a company, or only with this game. While they are not listed as one of the companies officially supporting the Switch as a third party, their parent company, Electronic Arts, is.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled to release in March, 2017 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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