The Sea of Moving Ice will be Neverwinter’s “largest zone yet” when it goes live as part of the Storm King’s Thunder update early next month. Cryptic Studios has announced that the zone will be so large that it will require a new way to travel through it.

Players will obtain a khyek, which is a personal boat that will let them explore the open sea. There are different khyeks of varying quality, differing in both speed and appearance. Players will not be able to use them outside of the new zone, however.

These boats will also allow players to fish in the Sea of Moving Ice. But since this will be deep sea fishing, special fishing rods will need to be obtained first, so your old rods from Lonelywood and the Winter Festival won’t be good enough. But Cryptic Studios says not to worry, as “there will be more than enough rods better suited to deep sea fishing available in the zone.” You will be able to fish anywhere in the new zone, but will have to work together and communicate with other players in order to locate the best spots, as they will appear and disappear at random.

The Storm King’s Thunder update for Neverwinter releases on November 8th on PC, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One receiving the update at a later date.

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