Since its release, Overwatch has been a huge success for Blizzard and has truly made a statement about the hero shooter genre. In order for an online game to truly be masterful these days, it has to last much longer than just its strong release. Overwatch may have gained a lot of passionate fans, but it has a lot to do to keep them loyal. Luckily, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has a game plan ahead.

With a game like Overwatch having such a wide set of characters, balancing is always going to be an issue. One hero not getting the play time she deserves is Symmtra. While she will not be getting any healing powers, there will be more to her update than a simple fixing of numbers, possibly a new kit sticking to her theme as a character as early as mid-November.

With old characters being upgraded, it is time to see some new ones as well. There are two notable ones in the works right now. One is said to be seen very soon and another Kaplan says we will most likely see next year. Other changes coming to Overwatch are a new map and an upgraded spectator mode, allowing enthusiasts to really study every match. Watch the full video of Jeff Kaplan talking below for every detail.

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