It’s not often a YouTube comment is given any real notice, but this one may be successfully predicting Overwatch’s release of Sombra.

On user Rhykker’s video “Sombra reveal leak? Release date soon? Halloween event datamine and speculation [Overwatch]”, one Adrian Chiba commented, “[sic] my friends dad works for overwatch. his dad said sombra will be released very soon and there will be a halloween update with new skins and victory poses. ex. roadhog will be Frankenstein and junkrat will be scientist Frankenstein.”

This meant nothing– until a subsequent datamine of the PTR (Public Test Region) revealed an image of Junkrat dressed as Doctor Frankenstein. Does this mean we’ll be seeing a Roadhog Frankenstein’s Monster, as well? And does this mean Sombra is inbound, as well?

Overwatch Junkrat Frankenstein

Speculation is rampant, but not totally devoid of reason: Sombra has been linked not only to skull imagery (to the point where, for Sombra’s ARG hunt, there was discovered code in the image of a skull– no, really), but also the skull-aficionado and hispanic Reaper. Some see this spooky coincidence as possibly pointing to a Day of the Dead release for Sombra, November 1st, a Tuesday, and thus an Overwatch update day.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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