In the big blockbuster world of video games, making it to the top of the charts is great for your sales and marketing. Players get to see what others are buying and it helps to influence what must be critical successes and therefore great games. At least, that is the logic. Let’s take a look at what the top sellers for PlayStation last month have to tell us.

There is usually a drought of big releases during the summer. People of all ages are spending the time they can to go outside in the nice weather. Once the fall hits, plenty of new titles hit the shelves and it shows in the sales. The top 4 games on the PlayStation 4 are all sports titles to come out in the past month or so. They go NBA 2k17, EA Sports FIFA 17, Madden NFL 17, and then EA Sports NHL 17.

One surprise to this new list of PlayStation top sellers is the fact that No Man’s Sky is not on there. In August when it was released, it sold like crazy from the hype. There has been a significant downfall from the critical reception and talk about monotonous gameplay. Take a look at the list on the PlayStation blog for yourself. Perhaps you’ll find something new for yourself.

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