Nintendo has officially released the names and designs for the final evolutions of the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters. All speculation is done, and fans can start getting used to the final forms.

Decidueye is an archer owl, and is Grass/Ghost type, with a special move that turns its wing into a bow and keeps the enemy from switching out.

Incineroar is a Fire/Dark type, apparently based off a Japanese wrestling trope where the “bad guy” wrestler would wear a black and red tiger mask. This is magnified by the fact that its video debut is in a wrestling ring. Players breathe a sigh of relief that it isn’t yet another Fire/Fighting starter. It’s signature move is Darkest Lariat, which ignores the enemy Pokemon’s stat changes.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Primarina, the Water/Fairy type. Its signature move is Sparkling Aria, and it heals the burns of any target.

The trailer also features the final 3 of the 4 guardians of the Alola Region, which each look after their own island. Their names are Tapu Lele, the Psychic/Fairy; Tapu Bulu, the Grass/Fairy; and Tapu Fini, the Water/Fairy. The trailer also showcases their unique, shared Z Move, Guardian of Alola. The Guardian is a large humanoid made of light, that the corresponding Tapu forms the head of.

We’re introduced to several more Pokemon, including Cosmog, a galaxy-themed Psychic type, and Persian’s Alola form, which is a Dark type like Alolan Meowth.

Apparently players will be seeing many old faces in Sun and Moon, as the Battle Tree has you teaming up with, and even battling against, old trainers from other games. Players are treated to a look at Red and Blue, champions from the original games, back as adults with brand new designs. Nintendo is bringing out the big guns in new pair of games, complete with intricate designs and some good old nostalgia.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to release November 18th for the 3DS.

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