It may not exactly be a household name, but the Wasteland game series is more important than you may realize. This post-apocalyptic RPG set the tone for many dark games after it. The original Fallout was even considered to be a spiritual successor to this great title. After the first true sequel was successfully crowdfunded, InXile Entertainment decided to go that route again for Wasteland 3 and it did even better than they could have hoped.

Three days. That is all it took to raise $2.75 million in order to bring Wasteland 3 to life. There obviously is a group of cult fans out there who know the true importance and great gameplay this series can bring. Nearly 15,000 backers proves that. Now at around $2.9 million with 22 days left at the time this article is written, there are a number of stretch goals that have been put up.

$2.85 million, which has now been reached, allows for more Ranger customization, including physical features as well as different equipment to style them up. $3 million gets players a new car companion to help you on your adventure as well as give good advice when needed. Finally, at $3.1 million players can create their own insignia to go on your base, flags, and other areas.

Go to the Wasteland 3 Fig campaign now and donate what you can to help make these stretch goals a reality. At the very least, we know this game is officially being made for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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